Use of falcons to displace nesting gulls from an urban area: final report

Report following a 10-week trial of falconry flights within Dumfries Town Centre.

10. Acknowledgements

This research project was funded by the Scottish Government / SNH in response to resolving the urban gull concerns in Dumfries. Particular thanks are due to the NBC team lead by Ian Cain for their professional behaviour and development of methodologies used for falconry throughout this study and to John Coulson for his comprehensive censusing and insight into the build up of issues within Dumfries. The flights of falcons across the rooftop landscape would not have been possible without the help and co-operation of various building owners and staff across Dumfries, particularly Andrew Johnson, Graham, George, Jason and Sue Lindsay. Particular thanks are also due to Sue and Derek for support and assistance throughout all aspects of the study programme and members of the steering committee for comments and direction on the report.


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