Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - planning and preparedness for exiting the European Union: update report

Follow up report on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's readiness for exiting the European Union (EU).

Appendices A

The Service has considered a number of potential possibilities that may impact on staff being available for work. The following areas were previously identified as requiring scrutiny and comments have been added to give context:

  • Staff commuting home from holidays potentially being delayed at European airports or ports.
    • The number of staff affected is likely to be much lower than previously assumed as there are few airlines and holiday destinations open for business.
  • Concern with regard to the increase in cost of fuel and food which may have an impact on staff being unable to afford to travel long distances to and from work locations.
    • A large proportion of staff in SFRS have been working from home therefore the impact is likely to be less than previous assumptions.
  • Potential risk to Operational resilience relating to staff being unable to attend work because of illness or child care issues.
    • This continues to be a risk, but the risk has been managed during the C-19 pandemic.
  • The threat of significant public disorder or other disruptions that may impact on the SFRS's ability to mobilise, attend and resolve operational incidents.
    • Police Scotland monitor changes to threat levels using intelligence led modelling, no significant risk has been identified to the SFRS.
  • Concern for prolonged officer support to the Multi Agency Co-ordination Centre and Resilience Partnerships over a significant time period.
    • Planning for C-19 has identified a likely impact on the Flexi Duty Officer cohort with plans to increase capability utilising recently retired staff.
  • Possible increase in fire loading within some premises caused by businesses stock piling goods.
    • This continues to be a risk as it is every year, during the Christmas period in some areas of retail.



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