Climate Change Plan 2018-2032 - update: strategic environmental assessment - draft

Draft strategic environmental assessment of the update to the Climate Change Plan 2018 to 2032. The appendices are available as a supporting file on this page.

Chapter 7 - Next Steps

Consultation on the Draft Environmental Report and the update to the CCP

7.1 Comments on this Environmental Report can be submitted via the Scottish Government Citizen Space website address ( The consultation on the Climate Change Plan Update, to which this Environmental Report relates, will be carried out by the Scottish Parliament and information on how to submit comments on the Plan can therefore be found on the Scottish Parliament’s consultation website (Scottish Parliament - Citizen Space).

7.2 Regrettably, due to the ongoing COVID-19 it is not possible to make hard copies available.

7.3 Responses to this SEA consultation can be also be submitted by email, with the Respondent Information Form (Appendix E) to: or by post to:

Climate Change Plan update SEA Consultation
Climate Change Plan Team, 3F South
Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

7.4 Respondents may find the following questions helpful to provide a focus for their responses to this Environmental Report. Please note that responses do not need to be limited to these questions, and more general comments on this Environmental Report and the proposals set out in the Consultation Paper are also invited:

1. (a) Do you have any comments on the environmental baseline information referred to in the Environmental Report?

(b) Are you aware of further information that could be used to inform the assessment findings?

2. (a) Do you agree with the assessment findings?

(b) Are there other environmental effects arising from the Draft Climate Change Plan Update?

3. Do you agree with the justification for the approach to alternatives?

4. What in your view are the most significant environmental effects which should be taken into account as the Draft Climate Change Plan Update is finalised?

5. How can the Draft Climate Change Plan Update be enhanced to maximise positive environmental effects?

6. What are your views on the proposed approach to mitigation and monitoring proposed in chapters 5 and 6?

Post-Adoption Statement

7.5 Following the consultation period, the consultation responses will be analysed and the Scottish Government will finalise and publish the Climate Change Plan Update. After the Climate Change Plan Update is adopted a Post Adoption Statement will be produced. This Statement will set out how the SEA and the views received in the consultation processes have been taken into account.



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