Offshore renewables - social impact: two way conversation with the people of Scotland

Findings from a piece of participatory research into the social impacts of offshore wind farms (OWFS) in Scotland. It describes innovative methods used to develop a conceptual framework, based on social values, that enables a better understanding of the social impacts of OWFs.

Appendix 8: Details of Materials for Round 2

The materials used in Round 2 were designed to be used in a small group situation with all members of the group able to manipulate elements of the materials and add notes and commentaries of their own.

The materials used the same design approach as in Round 1, which was a design that had worked well and was by now familiar to participants.

The materials consisted of:

1. Map showing clusters of values and illustrative quotes from the R1 dialogue events

3. Timeline: the participants had markers showing different types of engagement mentioned during Round 1 which they placed along the timeline as they felt appropriate.

4. Transport and technology connections: illustrative chart to support the discussion of how indicators of social values could be developed



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