Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014 - draft regulations: consultation

A consultation on draft regulations transferring the functions of the Council Tax Reduction Review Panel, the Valuation Appeals Committees and some functions of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland to the Scottish Tribunals.


1 NB this refers to the Lands Tribunals for Scotland Rules 1971, which previously applied to valuation appeals under the 1949 Act. Part VC was replaced by the 2003 Rules (see paragraph 81 below), which also provided at rule 29 that this fee table applies and this fee accordingly applies to appeals under Part IV of the 2003 Rules.


3 It should be noted that, where decisions of the Local Taxation Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal are appealable to the Upper Tribunal – in respect of the council tax matters for example – the applicable procedural rules will be those set out in the 2016 Regulations.



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