Transport and Travel in Scotland 2010

Summarises a broad range of transport statistics including road vehicles, traffic, casualties, bus and rail passengers, road and rail freight, air and water transport and personal travel as well as providing some comparisons with GB figures. Further breakdowns of Scottish Household Survey transport data including households' access to cars and bikes, frequency of driving, modes of travel to work and school, use and opinions of public transport and access to services are also presented.

Table 13: [Travel to work reasons] Reasons why public transport is not used for travel to work, 2007-2010

Car/Van Driver/Passenger
column percentages
By whether they could use public transport
Yes 42
No 57
Sample size (=100%) 13,951
If they could use public transport, reasons for not using it
Takes too long 56
No direct route 34
Need a car for work 13
Prefer to use car 13
Work unusual hours 9
Cost 8
Lack of service 8
Public transport is unreliable 6
Too infrequent 6
Too much to carry 5
Nothing 5
Long walk to bus stop 3
Dislike waiting about 2
Uncomfortable 2
Collect/drop off children on way 1
Health reasons 1
Other 1
Sample size (=100%) 2,762
If they could not use public transport, reasons why they cannot
No direct route 42
Takes too long 23
Lack of service 22
Inconvenient 21
Need a car for work 20
Work unusual hours 18
Prefer to use car 9
Too much to carry 7
Too infrequent 6
Public transport is unreliable 3
Nothing 2
Long walk to bus stop 2
Cost 1
Health reasons 1
Sample size (=100%) 2,945
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