Transport and Travel in Scotland 2010

Summarises a broad range of transport statistics including road vehicles, traffic, casualties, bus and rail passengers, road and rail freight, air and water transport and personal travel as well as providing some comparisons with GB figures. Further breakdowns of Scottish Household Survey transport data including households' access to cars and bikes, frequency of driving, modes of travel to work and school, use and opinions of public transport and access to services are also presented.

Table 10: [Car Share] Car sharing journeys to work*, 2007 - 2010

(a) Whether involved in any car sharing arrangement
column percentages
Yes 14
No 86
Sample size (=100%) 14,321
(b) How car sharing is organised
column percentages
Informally between ourselves 88
Through employer 12
Other 0
Sample Size (=100%) 1,944
(c) Reasons why not involved in a car share arrangement
column percentages
Nobody in work lives near me 54
Don't work regular hours 27
Journey to work is not regular/work in different places 9
Wouldn't like to share with a stranger 6
Prefer to drive on my own 4
Prefer to drive than be a passenger 2
Make journey longer 1
Only work a few days a week 1
Other people would be unreliable/late 1
Other 1
Sample Size (=100%) 12,377
(d) What would encourage people to get involved in a car share arrangement
column percentages
Sharing with a friend or neighbour 23
If employer set up a scheme 3
Rising cost of petrol 3
Congestion charge 1
Dedicated parking space 0
Guaranteed ride home in an emergency 1
Other 1
Nothing 65
Sample Size (=100%) 12,377

*Only asked of those travelling to work by car/van (as driver or passenger)

Table 11: [Travel Plan] Whether workplace has a Travel Plan, 2007 - 2010

Whether workplace has a travel plan
column percentages
Yes 13
No 87
Sample Size (=100%) 19,064
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