Transforming Scotland into a maths positive nation: final report of the Making Maths Count group

Final report of the Making Maths Count group, which identifies three main areas to be improved.


1 This report uses the term maths as encompassing the study of numbers, shapes and space. Maths as used in this report therefore includes the skills of numeracy and arithmetic.

2 Full details are available in the research and engagement paper available at

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4 Further information on maths skills as defined in Curriculum for Excellence and benchmarks for numeracy and maths is available in the following guidance from Education Scotland:

5 The Making Maths Count blogs are available on the following link:

6 Further information about Maths Week Ireland is available on the following link:

7 The term "nurseries" is being used in this report to refer to the range of early years settings.

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17 Figures are for all entries and include both secondary schools and colleges. The figures are also pre-appeal/pre-review.

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