Human trafficking and exploitation strategy

Our strategy to work with partners to make Scotland a more hostile place for human trafficking.

Quotes from consultations with victims of trafficking

"When this happened I didn't feel like a human being. You are less than a human being and you close up. "

"It is embarrassing that in the 21st century, this still goes on and it's getting worse. The more people are poor the more they can be trafficked."

"People need to know what happens to us. Poverty meant I had no options"

"I need someone I can totally believe in, who can lead me on the right way and make me feel safe"

"[we] hope that by sharing [our] lived experience of being trafficked and exploited that [our] voices will be heard by policy makers, support providers and law enforcement agencies and that [we] can contribute to achieving Scotland's vision to eliminate human trafficking and exploitation, both locally and globally."

"Be committed to tackling this massive issue. Keep going. Don't drop it after a while."

"[The service providers] made me feel respected and valued. Made me respect myself again."

"I was very confused and angry. They help you to see things better"

"We need to be empowered emotionally, mentally, practically and financially to make our own decisions."

"Trafficking is very complicated so stopping it will be very, very difficult. Sometimes lots of people are involved and they will lie for each other."

"This is organised criminal activity, not just one person."

"People need to know what happens to us and then they would not judge us. Poverty meant I had no options. I thought abroad had to be better than my current life."

"I was alone and had nothing. I just wanted to get to a better place. I think I was desperate and believed what they told me. I had hope."

"[What would have helped you avoid being trafficked?] Not to be so trusting. Being less vulnerable. If I had more options open to me. If I had known life would actually not have been better."

"I'm confused. I don't know what will happen. I don't know what to do. I feel scared."

All speech bubble quotes are taken from consultations with victims of trafficking, October 2016.


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