Total Income from Farming Estimates for Scotland, 2016-18

Initial estimates of net income from farming in Scotland for 2018, and revisions to estimates for previous years.

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Productivity dropped in 2018

Productivity Index, year 2000=100

This productivity index measures how much the volume of agricultural output (crops, livestock, milk etc.) increases relative to any change in the volume of inputs (feed, seed, fertiliser, etc.). It is not affected by subsidies nor by changes in prices.

The changes are measured relative to a base year of 2000.

The technical name for this statistic is Total Factor Productivity.

Increase in productivity since 2000 - 16%

Productivity generally grew between 2000 and 2015, but has fallen since.

The increases in productivity were generally due to reductions in inputs, as output volumes have stagnated since 2006.

The drop in productivity in 2018 was due to a reduction in output volume, mainly the result of the weather-hit harvest and poor lambing season.


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