Tenant Information Pack (revised December 2016)

This pack applies to tenancies created before 1 December 2017. From then on, new Private Residential Tenancies will not require a Tenant Information Pack.

Tenant Information Pack for the Private Rented Sector

What is the Tenant Information Pack?

  • The pack gives information to tenants in privately rented housing. It talks about your home, tenancy and landlord, and the responsibilities of you and your landlord.
  • The pack is not part of your tenancy agreement but sets out important information that is relevant to you and your landlord. The pack contains a summary of legislation relevant to private tenants. Should you want more detailed legal information, or opinion, you should seek specialist advice.

Why is the pack important?

  • The pack gives you clear information about private renting.
  • The pack ensures that all tenants in privately rented homes receive the same information.

How does the pack work?

  • If you sign an assured or short assured tenancy, your landlord has a legal duty to give you a Tenant Information Pack, under section 30A of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988. Your landlord must do this by your tenancy start date.
  • If a letting agent manages your tenancy you should still receive a pack.
  • At least one pack should be provided for each tenancy agreement. Where there are joint tenants they can be asked to accept one pack between them.
  • The pack must be signed and receipted by you and your landlord (unless it is sent or acknowledged by email).
  • If the landlord does not provide the pack, they can be fined up to £500. If you have not received a pack, you should report this to your local council's housing department.

Other useful information

You can view the Tenant Information Pack online at www.scotland.gov.uk/tenant/info

The pack contains web links to further information. If required, this information can be provided in hard copy. To request any additional information call the Scottish Government's Private Rented Sector Policy team on 08457 741 741 or 0131 556 8400.

Copies of the Tenant Information Pack are available in other formats and translations. Please call 08457 741 741 or 0131 556 8400, or email ceu@scotland.gsi.gov.uk, for more information.

Private Rented Sector Policy Team
Scottish Government


Tenancies created after 1 December 2017, should use:

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