Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting people at higher risk - qualitative research

Findings from interviews with representatives of 16 local authorities across Scotland, exploring how they have been supporting people at higher risk during COVID-19.


This research has provided in-depth evidence about the ways in which LAs operate their helplines and provide support to local people who are at risk in a time of great need.

The LAs we spoke to were proud of the efforts they had made to respond to the unprecedented crisis situation quickly. LAs worked at pace through an intensive initial period to set up systems and processes to support people in a variety of ways. Many staff were redeployed to new roles and ways of working, including many working from home. LAs feel that they reached most people in need including many who have been experiencing new vulnerabilities.

LAs noted a significant increase in partnership working locally with voluntary and community groups as well as local resilience partners. Many hoped that these new ways of working would continue and were considering how this could be achieved.

There are concerns about sustainability going forward relating both to internal resources and capacity of partners. LAs made useful suggestions about how national and local government can work together going forward.

The authors of this report are grateful to all who participated in the interviews.



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