Supporting impact - Scottish Crown Estate net revenue: local authority use and insights

Net Revenues from the Scottish Crown Estate have been distributed to coastal Local Authorities for the benefit of coastal communities since 2019. This study was commissioned as part of the review process for the first two rounds of distribution of Scottish Crown Estate net revenues.

Annex 4: Summary of mid-tier approaches (£40k - £200k)

This annex describes the priorities, community engagement approaches and project examples from the mid-tier of Local Authorities. This information was gathered by desk-based research: where no information is included, it was not made publicly available. The Local Authorities are presented in descending order of net revenue allocation size.


Year 1: 136k


  • support and mitigate tourism
  • climate change
  • align with 2 regional deals

Environmental Priorities 2021

  • climate friendly
  • climate ready
  • climate just

Year 2: £184k

Community Engagement

Set up a working group made up of Finance, a Climate Change Manager and a Community manager. Community managers work closely with the local outcome improvement plan, local community plan, Community Asset Transfers and as such have oversight of communities, who they are, what groups are active and the developing eligible projects for these types of activities.

Examples of Projects

  • Tayport Harbour Trust (£30,500)
  • Love Oor Lang toun (£30,000)
  • Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (£102,500)


Year 1: £120k


Year 2: £138k

Community Engagement

Moray Council follow the Participatory Budget approach. Community awareness is raised through the same roadshow approach. Both have received a good response with a good mix of representatives coming forward.

Examples of Projects

  • Year 1 Buckie Ice Plant
  • Year 2 Staycation Project e.g. Surface access roads in Findhorn, Creation of Bow Fiddle Car Park, Balindalloch Toilet Upgrade, Electric car charger at Craigellachie

South Ayrshire

Year 1: 93k


The Council is keen to fund projects that:

  • involve local people
  • make the most of the skills and experience of people and assets within a coastal community
  • have the support of their communities
  • support improvement in productivity in the coastal economy
  • provide support for small and medium sized enterprises
  • address seasonality by creating new patterns of demand for tourism
  • deliver improvements to public places that will increase the number of visitors
  • support the delivery of jobs and economic growth

Year 2: £125k

Community Engagement

A Coastal Community Fund (CCF) has been created for communities to submit applications for awards up to £25,000.

North Ayrshire

Year 1: 88k


Year 2: 118k

Community Engagement


Year 1:80k


  • climate and coastal erosion
  • green recovery and biodiversity

Year 2: £109k

Community Engagement

Angus Council may look to an Open Call approach for the next round of funding. There is a number of known community projects that require funding so they would foresee a quick uptake.

Examples of Projects

Coastal Resilience Project: Coastal Erosion at Montrose – see earlier case study.

East Lothian

Year 1: £57K


Year 2: £78k

Community Engagement

Scottish Borders

Year 1: 57k


Year 2: 77k

Community Engagement

Aberdeen City

Year 1: £30k


Low Carbon

Green Economy

Green Recovery

Year 2: £40k

Community Engagement

Funding awarded on a grant bid basis.

Examples of Projects

  • Heritage Trail and signage
  • Greyhope Bay
  • wildlife garden
  • beach Clean-up, path Improvements



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