Supporting impact - Scottish Crown Estate net revenue: local authority use and insights

Net Revenues from the Scottish Crown Estate have been distributed to coastal Local Authorities for the benefit of coastal communities since 2019. This study was commissioned as part of the review process for the first two rounds of distribution of Scottish Crown Estate net revenues.


The aim of this section is to offer ideas which may help the continued development of Local Authority approaches to the distribution of net revenues. This is designed as a series of insights to support and build on current approaches, and importantly should not be considered as constraints on local decision-making.

Within this section, we first consider the wider Policy Goals set out by the Scottish Government, to provide a context for current and future decision-making. We then lay out an Overarching vision Overarching vision to maximise the potential use of future net revenues, use the results from this study to highlight current constraints to achieving this vision and finally provide some insights and ideas for future decision-making.



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