Ukraine - Super Sponsor Scheme review: equality impact assessment

The review has identified 16 interventions aimed at improving the current Super Sponsor Scheme and our response in supporting displaced people from Ukraine to settle well in Scotland.

Stage 4: Decision making and monitoring

Identifying and establishing any required mitigating action

Have positive or negative impacts been identified for any of the equality groups?

Yes. Although mainly positive, we have identified a few areas where there is a potential for negative effect if mitigations are not put in place throughout the policy development process.

Is the policy directly or indirectly discriminatory under the Equality Act 2010?


If the policy is indirectly discriminatory, how is it justified under the relevant legislation?


If not justified, what mitigating action will be undertaken?


Describing how equality impact analysis has shaped the policy making process

This initial assessment of the outcome of the review of the Super Sponsor Scheme at a strategic level has proven that the interventions will have some effect on people across protected characteristics. These effects are largely very positive as the scheme is non-discriminatory. The benefits of improvements to the scheme should have a positive effect on displaced people from Ukraine and the communities they join. However, more work should be done to explore the effects of each intervention in more detail as policy is developed.

This impact assessment has brought together equality data on those who have arrived in in the UK under the Super Sponsor Scheme in order to make a more informed assessment. We recognise the changing situation and continue working with our partners and adapting the response as required.

It is important now to consult with displaced people from Ukraine to acquire more information based on lived experience that can inform the interventions identified in the review. For example, social researchers recently conducted a number of interviews with hosts and guests about their respective experiences, the findings of which will help inform our host policy and improve our initial communications with prospective hosts.

Analysis has also prompted officials to consider the use of inclusive communication throughout engagement with the review intervention. This will ensure all benefits are fully accessible to people of all ages, disabled people and those whose first language is not English (or Ukrainian).

Monitoring and Review

Officials will gather more data as it becomes available and use this to reassess the impacts of the outcome of the review of the Super Sponsor Scheme at regular intervals.

More focus will now be placed on assessing the impacts of the individual interventions as they are developed in detail.



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