Summer holiday food, activities and childcare programme: evaluation report - summer 2022

Evaluation report for the 2022 summer holiday food, activities and childcare programme (summer 2022). The research draws in-depth qualitative findings from a selected group of local authorities and some quantitative findings.


1. Age and gender breakdowns relate to the children covered by interviews, including those who were interviewed themselves, and those who were discussed in parental interviews. Ages total 62 children and young people because the age of one child (who did not take part in an interview but whose Get into Summer experiences were discussed) was not known.

2. This included anyone claiming Scottish Child Payment (SCP) or on Free School Meals (FSM) (checked at screening interview), or with an individual or combined income under the Child Poverty thresholds (under 60% of median household income after housing costs - checked at the end of the main interview for those not on SCP or FSMs) (estimates taken from CHILD POVERTY IN SCOTLAND: THE FACTS | CPAG, last accessed 16 November 2021).

3. For the purpose of this research, given that most CYP invited to participate in this research were of school age, young mothers were defined as being under 25 at the time of their first child being born.

4. After discussion with the Scottish Government, it was agreed that, rather than focusing on 'minority ethnic families', which is very broad, recruitment would focus on families who had English as a Second Language as they are likely to face specific barriers to accessing out of school/holiday provision.

5. As defined in the Child Poverty Delivery Plan:



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