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Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland, No.3: 2012 Edition

Published: 11 Dec 2012
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This contains the results of the annual pupil census, annual teacher census, pre-school data and school estate data.

As well as collecting information on the condition of school building we also started collecting information on their suitability from April 2010 onwards. Suitability is different from condition as it considers how well suited the school building and facilities are to pupils learning rather than what condition they are in.

Table 5.3: Suitability of all schools and the number of pupils on their school roll, April 2010 - April 2012(1)

2010 2011 2012
Suitability not recorded 41 21 12
A: Good 546 585 622
B: Satisfactory 1429 1416 1380
C: Poor 595 543 532
D - Bad 55 52 50
Pupils on school roll (2)
Suitability not recorded 7,697 3,266 418
A: Good 181,044 193,996 209,541
B: Satisfactory 325,218 329,480 316,804
C: Poor 139,238 128,807 127,064
D: Bad 15,472 16,072 15,397

(1) See background notes 3.16 for more information on the suitability ratings.

(2) This comes from the number of pupils on the school roll in the Pupil Census returns for the previous September, e.g. September 2011 for the April 2012 figures. So schools which opened after September but before April will not have any pupils recorded for that academic year.

The proportion of schools with a good or satisfactory suitability has increased from 74 per cent in April 2010 to 77 per cent in April 2012. Taking into account the different number of pupils in each school, this has resulted in the number of pupils in schools with a good or satisfactory suitability increasing from 76 per cent in April 2010 to 79 per cent in April 2012.


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