Attainment, leaver destinations and healthy living: summary statistics

A new version of this publication was published on the 9 September 2019. This revision is a result of corrections made to statistics on school meals. For the most recent version of this publication please go to

Chapter 1: Introduction

This publication brings together a range of information on school leaver attainment, school leaver destinations, linked attainment and destination data, free school meals registration and uptake, and PE provision.

School leaver destinations

  • Based on the Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Opportunities for All shared dataset.
  • Used to inform 16+ Learning Choices, and other policy initiatives.

School leaver attainment

  • Presented on an outcomes-based approach.
  • Leavers classified by highest SCQF Level at which they achieved one or more passes for SQA courses at SCQF Levels 3 to 7 (see background note 7.2.1).
  • Includes attainment at any stage throughout schooling.

Destinations linked to attainment

  • Destinations data are matched to the pupil census and then SQA attainment data.
  • The school and pupil information from this linkage has been used throughout the publication.
  • This enables analysis of attainment and destinations by pupil characteristic.

Healthy Living Survey

  • Annual survey in February each year from all publicly funded schools in Scotland.
  • Includes information on uptake of meals (both free and paid for) and registration for and uptake of free school meals.
  • Includes information about schools meeting PE target of at least 120 minutes of PE per week in primary and 100 minutes of PE per week in secondary.

This will be the last 'Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and Healthy Living' compendium report as the reporting schedule will change in 2019 with a view to better meet user needs. For more information see background note 7.9.


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