Social care support reform: summary of discussion paper responses

Analysis of responses to the joint discussion paper from Scottish Government and COSLA on building a national programme to support adult social care reform.

8. What happens now?

The information in this report is being used to help decide what the national programme to support reform of adult social care will focus on. It will inform both the broad priority areas for the programme and the specific work that will be done to bring about the changes that are needed.

There are two main leadership groups for the reform programme. These are the People-led Policy Panel and the Leadership Alliance.

The People-led Policy Panel consists of 50 members, with a core group of 19 people who meet on a more regular basis. All members are people who have lived experience of adult social care support, including carers. The Panel's members are from different areas of Scotland, have different backgrounds and experiences, and use adult social care support for a range of different purposes.

The Leadership Alliance is made up of leaders in organisations or bodies from across the social care support sector. This includes local and national government, Integration Joint Boards, social care providers, the social services workforce, and regulatory and improvement bodies. The members of the Leadership Alliance represent key elements of the current adult social care system in Scotland, and are in a position to collectively make decisions and take action to change things.

The People-led Policy Panel and Leadership Alliance are working together to set the priorities for the national programme. Organisations from across the sector have signed up to working together to take forward the changes that need to happen within these priorities.

The national programme will have a set of outcomes and milestones so that people can follow its progress and understand whether changes are happening. These will be developed when the priorities have been set.



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