Characteristics of police recorded hate crime in Scotland: study

This report presents the findings of a study into the nature of police recorded hate aggravated crimes in Scotland. This includes new details on the characteristics of these cases, based on a random sample of police recorded crimes.

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Future production of data on hate crime

Going forward, Scottish Government statisticians will continue to engage with Police Scotland and the Tackling Prejudice and Building Connected Communities Action Group, to assess options for the production of information on the characteristics of hate crime in Scotland.

This will include the consideration of any requirements for the publication of disaggregated data as a result of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill[18]. Consideration will also be given to any related recommendations resulting from the thematic review of the policing response to hate crime carried out by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland[19].

In the shorter term, Scottish Government statisticians will also work with Police Scotland to produce a refreshed version of this report, based on a further review of hate crimes records for the reporting year of 2020-21. Updates on this project will be provided through the ScotStat user network[20].

Finally, to support the work above, we would welcome any feedback on the value of the information provided in this report. Please contact us at:



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