Scottish Environment Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI): analysis

Reports the findings of Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) commissioned research to analyse how the five Main Research Providers (MRPs) relate to their collective identity as Scottish Environment Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), how they benefit from the collective identity, and how the SEFARI identity can best contribute to the next cycle of strategic research funding.

Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms

ABRG: Agricultural & Biological Research Group

ARD: Agriculture and Rural Delivery Directorate

BioSS: Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland

CoE(s): Centre(s) of Expertise

CKEI: Centre for Knowledge Exchange and Impact

DEC: Directors' Executive Committee

ECC: Energy and Climate Change

ECCLR: Energy, Climate Change and Land Reform

ENFOR: Environment and Forestry

HRI: Hannah Research Institute

JHI: James Hutton Institute

MLURI: Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

MRI: Moredun Research Institute

MRP(s): Main Research Provider(s)

RAE: Rural Affairs and Environment 

RAFE: Rural Affairs, Food and Environment 

RBGE: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 

RD: Research Deliverable

REC: Rural Economy and Connectivity

RERAD: Rural and Environment Research and Analysis Directorate

RESAS: Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services

RINH: Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health

RO: Required Output  

SAB: Strategic Advisory Board for RESAS-funded science

SABRI(s): Scottish Agricultural and Biological Research Institute(s)

SAC: Scottish Agricultural College

SCRI: Scottish Crop Research Institute

SEERAD: Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department

SEFARI: Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes

SG: Scottish Government  

SRPB: Strategic Research Programme Board

SRUC: Scotland's Rural College 

SSAP: Strategic Science Advisory Panel (SEERAD / RERAD programmes)



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