Scottish Environment Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI): analysis

Reports the findings of Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) commissioned research to analyse how the five Main Research Providers (MRPs) relate to their collective identity as Scottish Environment Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI), how they benefit from the collective identity, and how the SEFARI identity can best contribute to the next cycle of strategic research funding.

Appendix 3: Document revisions

A number of revisions to factual elements have been accepted after this report was finalised on 31 March 2020. The notes below are linked by superscript numbers in the sections indicated.

Page 5 Section 2.1– Final paragraph

Rather than being initiated in the RAE (2011-2016) strategy as suggested, formal KTE strategy and structures were explicitly included in the 2006-2011 Programme.  In particular, a "Knowledge Exchange Group" was established with representatives of each MRP and RESAS (chaired by RESAS, Dr P Balls).  Further a dedicated website was created to support Scottish public policy bodies:

Section 2.3 Page 10 –  para 4  

The Director's Executive Committee have confirmed that documentary evidence is present in DEC minutes and the then CKEI Director, Graham Cook's  communications between DEC and RESAS.  

For information, Dr Alan Rowe (Rowett) constructed the public tender for the branding organization in liaison with DEC. RESAS were kept informed throughout. "The Gate" were commissioned and a series of meetings took place from 21st December 2016 with a set of final brand options for consideration agreed on 3rd March 2017. The decision on the final wording of "SEFARI, Leading Ideas for Better Lives" was made in a meeting between Scottish Government, CKEI and The Gate on 7th March 2017. SEFARI Gateway was launched on 29th March 2017, by the Cabinet Secretary, Ms Cunningham.  

Page 11 – Figure 2

Two of the policy areas under Theme 3 (plant health and animal health and welfare) are considered better placed in Theme 2 

The diagram omits the following policy areas which are within Theme 3 (community empowerment and nature-based health and wellbeing)

Section 3.2 – Perceptions of SEFARI and SEFARI Gateway Page 17 –section 3.2.1. 

The Directors Executive Committee have noted that this section does not record the support of Cabinet Minister to the collective brand "SEFARI".  

Section 4.2 – SEFARI/ SEFARI Gateway

Page 21

The Directors Executive Committee confirm that there was a clear process of the naming of SEFARI and SEFARI Gateway, involving RESAS and the DEC, as in note ii above.



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