Stroke Improvement Plan

The Stroke Improvement Plan sets out the priorities and actions to deliver improved prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by stroke.

Annex 3 - Resources and References

Stroke in Scotland

Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care Action Plan (June 2009)

ISD Scotland - Stroke

Healthcare Improvement Scotland - Stroke service improvement

Scottish Stroke Care Standards (updated January 2013)

ISD - Scottish Stroke Care Audit

SIGN Guideline 119: Management of Patients with Stroke: Identification and Management of Dysphagia (June 2010)

SIGN Guideline 118 - Management of patients with stroke: rehabilitation, prevention and management of complications, and discharge planning (updated March 2011)

SIGN Guideline 108 - Management of patients with stroke or TIA: Assessment, investigation, immediate management and secondary prevention (December 2008)

NHSScotland Local Delivery Plan Guidance

National Advisory Committee for Stroke

Policy Context

Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care (May 2013)

The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland (May 2010)

The 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland's Public Services (November 2013)

2020 Framework for Quality, Efficiency and Value (June 2014)

Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision: Implementation framework and plan 2014-15 (Dec 2013)

Health Inequalities in Scotland (Audit Scotland, December 2012)

Making it Easy: A Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland (June 2014)

Preventing overweight and obesity route map (February 2010)

Creating a Tobacco-Free Generation: A Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland (March 2013)

Useful Websites

NHSScotland Quality Improvement Hub

Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP)

Person Centred Care resources - QI Hub

Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision

The ALISS Project - Accessing Local Information to Support Self management

The Health Foundation

Scottish Stroke Research Network

Charter for people living with stroke in Scotland


Email: Margaret Syme

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