Stroke Improvement Plan

The Stroke Improvement Plan sets out the priorities and actions to deliver improved prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by stroke.

5. Next Steps

49. This Improvement Plan sets out our continued ambition to deliver world-leading health and social care which is person-centred, clinically effective and safe.

50. Although much progress has been made we must always seek to increase the pace and scale of improvement.

51. This Plan identifies the key priorities and sets out why these issues are important. It identifies the key actions which if delivered will contribute towards improvement. The Plan also emphasises the importance of being able to measure the impact of what we do and thereby demonstrate the change that has happened.

52. This approach is about bringing together our collective knowledge and experience to make improvements. An approach which encourages people to test and try new approaches. And to ensure that we seek to spread and to sustain what works.

53. All those with a vested interest, across all levels and roles, have an important part to play in this improvement work. It is by working together, learning together and sharing that we will deliver improvements.

54. We must also seek to actively engage with people to identify the issues that are important to them in living with their conditions.

55. We must ensure that the priorities remain current and by reflecting the progress that has been made, build upon these successes to ensure that in Scotland we continue to strive towards improved prevention, treatment and care for all.


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