Stoma Appliance Service in the Community: Stoma Care Quality and Cost Effectiveness Review 2015

This report details the findings and recommendations following a multi-layered national audit involving patients, NHS Board staff, DACs, community pharmacies and manufacturers designed and conducted during 2014-15.

Appendix 2: Stoma Survey - Patient/Carers Feedback

  • Purpose of this survey

Following on from the new Stoma Care Service launched in July 2011, an undertaking was given that the service would be subject to a survey to determine the quality of the service.

The aim of this survey, being carried out across all NHS Boards in Scotland, is to give patients and carers an opportunity to indicate any changes they wish to be considered should a need for a further review of the service be identified. This document is provided as an audit tool to assist you in completing this exercise.

  • Guidance on completing the survey

The feedback form is enclosed for you to consider and complete.

It should be completed and returned in the envelope provided by the end of January 2015.

At the same time we will be gathering a range of information from Doctors, Stoma Care Nurses and from Dispensing Appliance Contractors and Community Pharmacists who supply and fit stoma appliances as prescribed by your Doctor or Stoma Nurse. For the process to be effective and meaningful, we ask you to be as honest as you can in your feedback. Some of the questions may not be applicable to the service you receive. Feel free to provide additional comments to identify areas where improvements may be needed.

We particularly value any comments and feedback about the content of the survey.

Stoma Survey

Stoma Survey

Stoma Survey

Stoma Survey

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