Steadfastly European, Scotland's past, present and future

Steadfastly European, Scotland’s Past, Present and Future reflects on the impacts of Brexit and re-emphasises our ongoing commitment to European values.

6. Conclusion

The Scottish Government profoundly regrets both the UK Government's decision to leave the EU and the terms on which that is happening. It is under no illusions as to the gravity of those choices - imposed on Scotland, not made by Scotland. They reinforce the democratic right of people in Scotland, as a country presently within the voluntary union of the UK, to decide whether a better future is as an independent country which shares, and wishes to contribute, to EU values as a member state.

Scotland remains an inclusive European nation. A clear majority of people did not want to leave the EU and the Scottish Government believes the best future for Scotland is to return. In the meantime the Scottish Government will continue to take every opportunity to contribute constructively to the work of the EU and its members and to promote energetically our shared goals and values. Scotland is, and always will be, steadfastly European.



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