Steadfastly European, Scotland's past, present and future

Steadfastly European, Scotland’s Past, Present and Future reflects on the impacts of Brexit and re-emphasises our ongoing commitment to European values.

1. Introduction

This short Scottish Government policy document, which builds on and updates "Scotland: a European Nation", describes Scotland's constitutional history and the country's status as part of a voluntary union of nations, and its current powers. It also reaffirms the Scottish Government's intentions in respect of the European Union.

For many people in Scotland the events of the past five years have been troubling. Ever since the calling of the UK referendum on EU membership the Scottish Government, reflecting faithfully the clear will of the people of Scotland, has consistently taken a pro-European stance, championing European values at all times, and advocating pragmatic compromises in pursuit of an ongoing close relationship.[1]

None of that was able to prevent the outcome that finally took place and the UK's departure from the EU has not only been against the wishes of the majority of people in Scotland but has also caused considerable upset and disappointment. 

This document sets out how Scotland has been - and always will be - steadfastly European, whatever path others choose to take. It gives a tangible flavour of ways in which the Scottish Government wishes to make that mind-set a reality in the months and years to come. 



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