Statutory guidance on Part 9 (Corporate Parenting) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

Guidance issued by Scottish Ministers under section 63 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 to provide corporate parents with information and advice.

Section 63: Guidance on Corporate Parenting

136. A corporate parent must have regard to any guidance about corporate parenting issued by Scottish Ministers. Guidance may include advice or information about how a corporate parent should:

  • Exercise their corporate parenting responsibilities;
  • Promote awareness of their corporate parenting responsibilities;
  • Plan, collaborate or report (duties under sections 59, 60 and 61);
  • Exercise other functions under Part 9 (including providing information to Scottish Ministers)

137. Guidance may also provide advice about the outcomes (for looked after children and care leavers) which corporate parents should seek to achieve. (For further detail please see the chapter on 'Outcomes from corporate parenting'.)

138. Before issuing or revising guidance, Scottish Ministers must consult with any corporate parent to whom it relates and any other persons as it considers appropriate.

139. This guidance document (Statutory Guidance on Part 9 (corporate parenting)) is issued under section 63 of the Act. Every corporate parent (with the exception of Scottish Ministers) must have regard to it. Only in exceptional circumstances, with good reason, may corporate parents deviate from this guidance.


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