Statistical bulletin - Crime and Justice series: Prison statistics Scotland 2010-11

This bulletin shows data up to 2010-11 on Scottish prison population level and characteristics, receptions to/liberations from Scottish prisons, and international comparisons.

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4. Tables

Notes on tables

26. Where a table refers to average daily populations, components may not add to totals due to rounding. Please note that some percentages in the tables are based on very small numbers and should therefore be interpreted with caution.

27. Data are derived from a live information management system and updated and quality assured on an on-going basis. The figures shown here may therefore differ slightly from those published previously. Where substantive revisions have been made to improve the quality of the data, these will be indicated in the footnotes.

28. Population figures exclude prisoners on early release such as Home Detention Curfew, but include prisoners on temporary release such as extended home leave. Prisoners may be classified as unlawfully at large due to abscond (not returning from temporary release as scheduled), recall due to breach of Home Detention Curfew conditions, or escape: unlawfully at large prisoners are currently included in the population counts.

29. The table on breaches of discipline and punishments in prison previously published in this bulletin is published in the Scottish Prison Service annual reports. These also include figures on the number of escapes and absconds during the year.

30. The following symbols are used throughout.

- Nil * Less than 0.5 n/a Not available

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