Statistical bulletin - Crime and Justice series: Prison statistics Scotland 2010-11

This bulletin shows data up to 2010-11 on Scottish prison population level and characteristics, receptions to/liberations from Scottish prisons, and international comparisons.

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[1] Excludes prisoners on early release, such as Home Detention Curfew. See Notes on tables section for further detail on the population count.

[2]UK: Scotland entry in the International Centre for Prison Studies World Prison Brief (figure as at April 2011). The design capacity of a prison is the number of inmates intended for a facility based on minimum standards (these are described in ยง27 of the Audit Scotland 2008 report Managing increasing prisoner numbers in Scotland).

[3] Scottish Government publication Recorded crime in Scotland, 2009-10.

[4] See the Scottish Prison Service delivery plans for more discussion on operational issues in relation to overcrowding.

[5]Counting conventions are described in more detail in Section 5.

[6] The fall in this offence category may be due in part to changes in recording offences involving threatening/abusive behaviour or stalking as a result of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. See Table 12 for further details.

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