State of the Economy: June 2018

The State of the Economy report outlines recent developments in the global, UK and Scottish economies. You may need to select 'refresh' to see the graphics appear.

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2. Bank of England Agents' Summary, 2018 Q1,

3. Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Quarterly Economic Indicator: Q1 2018.

4. Index of Manufactured Exports, Quarterly National Accounts Scotland ( QNAS), Q4 2017

5. HMRC Regional Trade Statistics, Q1 20186. Based on HMRC Regional Trade Statistics (Q1 2018). Petroleum and related materials have not been included in this chart.

7. Based on ONS Regional Services Export Statistics. Comparisons can only be made with GB, rather than UK. Latest data available is 2015. Some sectors, including large export sectors such as financial services are excluded from the EU/Non- EU split provided by ONS.

8. Source: EY Attractiveness Survey; June 2018.

9. Based on Royal Bank of Scotland Scottish Business Monitor; Scottish Engineering Quarterly Review; Royal Bank of Scotland Purchasing Managers Index, Scottish Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Indicator and CBI Industrial Trends Survey.



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