Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Guidance on Spiritual Care inthe NHS in Scotland

Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in NHSScotland 2008
Revised Guidance
Report and Recommendations

Revision and Update of HDL (2002) 76 "Spiritual Care in NHSScotland"

Dealing with progress and change since 2002 and making recommendations for the future

Report and Recommendations June 2008

  1. Purpose
    1.1 Context
    1.2 Equality Legislation and Policy
    1.3 Spirituality
    1.4 Relationship with Health
    1.5 Research and Evidence Base
    1.6 Abiding Principles
  2. Developments in Boards
    2.1 Spiritual care Policies
    2.2 Responsibility for Spiritual Care
    2.4 Spiritual Care Committees
    2.5 Departments of Spiritual and Religious (or Pastoral) Care
    2.6 Healthcare Chaplaincy Training & Development/Spiritual Care Advisory Unit
  3. Standards for Chaplaincy Services
  4. The Appointment and Employment of Chaplains
    4.1 Composition of Spiritual Care Department Staff
    4.2 Whole time and Part time Chaplains
    4.3 In Good Standing
    4.4 Use of Assessors
  5. Development of Healthcare Chaplaincy as a Regulated Profession
    5.1 Registration
    5.2 Capability and Competency Framework
    5.3 Career Structure
  6. Spiritual Care in the Community
  7. Chaplaincy Associations
  8. Relationship with UK, European and other Chaplaincy Organisations
  9. Spiritual Care Development Committee
  10. Data Protection and Patient Confidentiality
  11. Chaplaincy Provision Levels
  12. Note on Publications
  13. The Working Group
  14. Recommendations

Appendix 1 - HDL(2002)76 Spiritual Care in NHSScotland

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