Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Guidance on Spiritual Care inthe NHS in Scotland

7. Chaplaincy Associations

Chaplaincy Professional Associations are now firmly established. There are three main bodies in the United Kingdom at present. The Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare ( SACH) is the largest in Scotland. The College of Healthcare Chaplains ( CHCC) is a UK organisation with a Scotland branch and is a professional section of the Amicus section of Unite, the trade union. The Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains ( AHPCC) is UK wide and has a Scottish branch.

These associations have contributed much towards the development of the profession. They work closely together, have, for example agreed a common Code of Conduct, and share the aspiration that chaplaincy becomes a registered healthcare profession. The joint associations have formed a Chaplaincy Academic and Accreditation Board ( CAAB) which has worked on standards, qualifications, entry levels, continuous professional development and other issues. Knowledge and Skills Framework outlines have been drawn up to assist understanding and review of chaplaincy posts, from entry to senior level.

In November 2008 the UK Board for Healthcare Chaplaincy ( UKBHCC) was launched. This Board incorporates and supersedes the work of CAAB. It deals with Academic Standards, Professional Advisers, Professional Conduct and Professional regulation.

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