Social Security Experience Panels - appointments and local delivery: report

This report outlines the Social Security Experience Panels views expressed in a survey and focus groups on Social Security Scotland appointments and local delivery.

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What’s next? 

The Scottish Government will continue to work with the Experience Panels in the development of Scotland's new social security system. 

The content of this report has been used by the Scottish Government and Social Security Scotland to inform the design and development of appointments and local delivery. It has provided insight into how clients would like to interact with Social Security Scotland, such as preferences for communication channel and appointment times. 

Further research is planned to understand the needs of ‘seldom heard’ groups, for example, prisoners. This will consider how they would want to interact with Social Security Scotland, and if this would require any additional considerations to be put in place to accommodate these particular groups. 

How to access background or source data

The data collected for this social research publication:

☐ are available in more detail through Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics     

☒ may be made available on request, subject to consideration of legal and ethical factors. Please contact for further information. 

☐ cannot be made available by Scottish Government for further analysis as Scottish Government is not the data controller.     



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