Social Security Experience Panels - Seldom Heard research programme: end of life - visual summary

This visual summary outlines the main findings of the first wave of research with bereaved people and those at the end of life as part of the ‘Seldom Heard Voices’ research programme.

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Next Steps

The Scottish Government and Social Security Scotland will carry out (or has already carried out) actions to address the barriers, and views of improvement, that the End of Life group had.

Insights on awareness of benefits and clearer information have fed into the provision of inclusive communication approaches. Social Security Scotland provides transparent and accessible information. Also, there are two benefit take-up strategies that set out all the activities being undertaken to ensure awareness of benefits improves.

The design of Social Security Scotland benefit application forms have been developed with people experiencing the benefits.

Social Security Scotland offers a range of ways to apply for, and access support to the benefits they deliver. These include: online, telephone, paper-based or in person.

Social Security Scotland's Charter ensures that dignity, fairness and respect are embedded in the new system and in clients' interactions with staff.

Insights on the key role third sector and advocacy organisations play in supporting clients will inform engagement with these organisations. This will address barriers to benefit take-up and provide organisations with accurate information on benefits for their clients.

Barriers to attend assessments and preferences for home visits fed into the development of the Local Delivery service in local communities across Scotland. The new service allows clients to book an appointment to meet with a specially trained adviser at a venue within their local community, or at their home. They are also able to request video call or telephone appointments.

Individuals who are applying for disability assistance and are terminally ill will be fast tracked to ensure the maximum support is available as quickly as possible.

When Scottish Carer's Assistance is launched, we will provide carers with information about support available to them. This will take into account particular stages of the carer journey, including when the cared for person dies.

The Second Benefit Take-up Strategy expands the access to welfare advice by funding the placement of welfare rights advisors in GP practices in Scotland's most deprived areas. These practices will be able to refer patients directly to an in-house welfare rights officer for advice and support.



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