Social Security Experience Panels - Low Income Winter Heating Assistance: survey findings

Results of survey asking the Experience Panels members their thoughts on the new Low Income Winter Heating Assistance benefit in Scotland.

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What happens next

On 1st December 2021, the Scottish Government published a consultation paper seeking views on the introduction of Low Income Winter Heating Assistance (LIWHA). The paper provided an overview of the aims of Low Income Winter Heating Assistance, its key eligibility criteria and format. It also outlined how the Scottish Government intends to deliver the new benefit through Social Security Scotland to provide assistance to individuals to help towards meeting heating costs in winter.

The responses to this consultation indicated broad support for Low Income Winter Heating Assistance in several key areas. This included the replacing of Cold Weather Payment (CWP) with a new benefit that removes the need for a 'cold spell' to have been identified in order for a client to receive a payment.

The range of views identified in the consultation and outlined in this report provide a useful steer for any further development of Low Income Winter Heating Assistance. Together, these responses are an essential evidence base for the Scottish Government to draw on when finalising Low Income Winter Heating Assistance to ensure it is delivered with dignity, respect and fairness.

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