Siblings - Staying Together and Connected National Implementation Group: executive summary report

Summarises the work of the Siblings: Staying Together and Connected National Implementation Group, the progress made, and the priorities for further work, for Scotland to continue on its journey to ensure brothers and sisters with care experience stay together and connected.

Appendix A

The following is provided as a guide to which roles would be best suited to each level of learning on the framework.

Level one - Awareness

  • Corporate parents including housing, police, general education staff, and general health staff including CAMHS,
  • Adult SWS including mental health and addictions,
  • 3rd sector general,
  • LA Legal Services,
  • Solicitors generally and those registered with the Legal Aid Board/members of the Family Law Association/Family Law Sub-committee,
  • Throughcare and aftercare staff,
  • Universal services,
  • housing,
  • police,
  • elected members.

Level Two – Informed – Team around the child

  • Advice and response/duty Social Workers/ early pregnancy services,
  • Children's Hearing Scotland and Panel Members,
  • Court/Sheriff,
  • Safeguarders,
  • Teachers, head teachers, virtual head teachers,
  • Education support staff, school counsellors and pastoral staff including guidance teachers,
  • Early years staff-childminders, nurseries (private and local authority),
  • Health visitors, medical advisors. Looked After and child protection Child Health Teams,
  • Contact Supervisors/social work assistants/paraprofessionals,
  • Thirds sector partners providing services to Social Work Services,
  • Residential Carers including those working in secure accommodation,
  • Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Carers,
  • Care Inspectorate,
  • Adoption and Permanence Panels, Fostering Panels, Kinship Panels, and the Agency Decision Maker,
  • Continuing Care and supported lodging providers,
  • Social work students,
  • Promise and GIRFEC workers.

Level Three - Enhanced

  • Review Coordinators,
  • Placing Social Workers/Children's Social Workers/Team Managers/Service Managers,
  • Supervising Social Workers- Kinship, Fostering and Adoption, Permanence, throughcare and aftercare,
  • Children's Social Workers with kinship role,
  • Family group decision making coordinators, life- long links coordinators,
  • Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Carers where there is a significant contact remit,
  • Residential social worker managers and supervisors.


  • Children and Families Social Work Managers- all levels,
  • Commissioning and Monitoring Officers,
  • Managers responsible for scaffolding and resourcing services to support brothers and sisters. This includes Local Authority Services, residential and foster care in independent and voluntary sectors and Adoption Agencies and support services.



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