Short-life Working Group on Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSPs): Final Report

Report presenting the findings and conclusions from the Coordinated

Support Plan Short-Life Working Group.

Overarching themes from the ASL Review

The ASL Review found that while there is general agreement that the policy and legislation related to additional support for learning is appropriate, there are a number of ways its implementation could be improved to ensure that children and young people are fully supported to experience success in their achievements and attainment and reach their full potential.

What the ASL Review said about CSPs:

"…the Review evidence is that there is widespread misunderstanding by parents, carers and professionals too, about the purpose, relationship to other planning mechanisms, (usually the Childs Plan), eligibility, or legal entitlement /requirement for a CSP." (page 58)

"The evidence heard by the Review confirms that information must be proactively made available and be accessible and visible to all those who need it. Doing so ensures there is a shared understanding about the entitlements and benefits to children and young people of a CSP. It also averts some of the unnecessary friction, stress and damage to relationships that occur when parents and carers believe their child is having an entitlement withheld." (page 59)

"…a CSP must be viewed as a tool for effective planning, rather than an outcome. The Review has heard the frustration of many families and professionals that the support and interventions agreed as part of the CSP have not been fully implemented or reviewed robustly. This again can lead to disappointment and weariness with the system…" (page 59)



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