Short-life Working Group on Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSPs): Final Report

Report presenting the findings and conclusions from the Coordinated

Support Plan Short-Life Working Group.


The independently chaired review on the implementation of the Additional Support for Learning legislation - Support for Learning: All our Children and all their Potential (The ASL Review) highlighted that there is no fundamental deficit in the principle and policy intention of the Additional Support for Learning legislation and the substantial guidance accompanying it. However, the ASL Review highlighted concerns regarding the implementation of policy into practice which impacts on children and young people, their parents and carers and all professionals trying to support them.

The SLWG acknowledges the support and information on CSPs which is available for stakeholders and the good practice and commitment from professionals working to support the needs of learners. However, the group also acknowledges that there remains a gap between policy and practice. The SLWG has worked collaboratively to identify barriers to effective implementation of the legislation in this area and has made recommendations to support progress.



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