Short Life Food Security and Supply Taskforce: report

Report and conclusions of the Short-life Food Security and Supply Taskforce in the context of the situation in Ukraine on 17 March 2022.


The Short-life Food Security and Supply Taskforce has arrived at a set of recommendations that cover three key themes where it considers its recommendations can support progress: business and supply chain support,  future national security structures and reserved issues to be raised with the UK Government.  It hopes that these measures, including the monitoring function to be managed by the Scottish Government, will bolster industry confidence.

While the work of the Group has now concluded, as described in this final report, consideration will also be given to the Group meeting perhaps two more times this year,  in a monitoring capacity.  This would be to test in more detail – as necessary – issues that arise and also to monitor the delivery of agreed recommendations.

Short-life Food Security and Supply Taskforce                              

June 2022

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