Social care - self-directed support: framework of standards - May 2024

This framework consists of a set of standards for local authorities to provide them with an overarching structure, aligned to legislation and statutory guidance, for further implementation of the self-directed support approach to social care. This update includes standard descriptor and practice statement and core components and practice guidance.

Who is the Self-directed Support Framework of Standards for?

This Framework is for all people and organisations. This includes children, young people, supported people, families, carers, including young carers and relevant organisations including Local Authorities and Health and Social Care Partnerships, NHS organisations or Integration Joint Board staff.

It is relevant for social workers and for those who are critical to the successful implementation of Self-Directed Support, including:

  • social work paraprofessionals
  • social care and health practitioners
  • Self-directed Support leads
  • finance officers
  • senior managers
  • legal, commissioning, procurement and audit teams in individual local authorities
  • supported people
  • unpaid carers
  • Personal Assistants (PAs)
  • advocacy, community brokerage and independent support organisations
  • care providers
  • those who assess, approve or administer social work and social care and support.



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