Seaweed Policy Statement Consultation Analysis Report 2014

Analysis of the responses received from the Draft Seaweed Policy Statement Consultation 2013.

2 Consultation questions overview

2.1 Consultation document layout

2.1.1 The consultation document was set out in four sections and contained nine questions :

  • Section 1 - Draft Seaweed Policy Statement (questions 1 - 5).
  • Section 2 - Consenting (question 6).
  • Section 3 - Related issues (questions 7 - 8).
  • Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment ( BRIA) (question 9).

2.1.2 The questions included both open questions and closed questions ( i.e. 'yes' or 'no' answers). The latter also asked respondents to state the reasons for their responses and in some cases asked for further information. Question 9 asked respondents for comments on the Partial BRIA. Consultees were also invited, through the consultation notices, to provide comments on the SEA Environmental Report.

2.2 Consultation responses introduction

2.2.1 The responses to the consultation questions, and any additional comments made by respondents, are summarised in Sections 5 - 9. For each closed question, the summary is accompanied by a table showing the number of responses by respondent sector (including the number of respondents who did not answer a question).

2.2.2 The responses largely focused on answers to the consultation questions. Some respondents provided comments, either as part of their responses to specific questions or in addition to their answers. In consequence, the length of the responses varied from short answers to the consultation questions, to longer and more detailed responses.

2.2.3 Some respondents chose not to answer some of the questions, and these are identified in the "not answered" column of the table. Some respondents provided answers which were more relevant to another question than to the one they answered; these have been discussed in the commentary for the appropriate question.


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