Seaweed Policy Statement Consultation Analysis Report 2014

Analysis of the responses received from the Draft Seaweed Policy Statement Consultation 2013.


1. Scottish Government (2013) Draft Seaweed Policy Statement Consultation available at:

2. Scottish Government (2013) Draft Seaweed Policy Statement Environmental Report available at:

3. Including the Edinburgh Gazette, the Herald, the Stornoway Gazette, the Press and Journal, the Shetland Times, the Orcadian, the Oban Times and the West Highland Free Press.

4. The Scottish Government (2010) Consultation: Good Practice Guidance, Revised May 2010.

5. Due to rounding of individual percentages in the figures shown, the percentage share displayed in this column does not total 100%.

6. There is a presumption against development of marine finfish farm developments on the north and east coasts to safeguard migratory fish species. Paragraph 104 of Scottish Planning Policy.

7. The Schedule to The Town and Country Planning (Hierarchy of Developments) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 identifies a fish farm as a major development, where the surface area of water covered is or exceeds 2 hectares.

8. Certain activities in the aquatic environment are automatically authorised by General Binding Rules; these represent a set of mandatory rules which cover specific low risk activities and are defined by The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 (as amended)


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