Scottish Welfare Fund: statutory guidance – March 2021

An update to the Scottish Welfare Fund statutory guidance, previously published in May 2019, to include a section on the Self-isolation Support Grant and to correct any inaccuracies or anachronisms which have occurred since the previous publication.

13. Data Monitoring

Regular Statistical Monitoring

13.1 The Scottish Government and local authorities are working together to collate and analyse quantitative data about the operation of individual Welfare Funds.

13.2 Local authorities should work with software providers to make arrangements to capture the agreed data set as specified at:

13.3 This data should be collected continuously through case management systems and sent to the Scottish Government in the prescribed format as requested.

13.4 The Scottish Government publishes statistics about the Scottish Welfare Fund at:,self-isolationsupportgrantanddiscretionaryhousingpayments



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