Scottish Public Finance Manual

The Scottish Public Finance Manual (SPFM) is issued by the Scottish Ministers to provide guidance on the proper handling and reporting of public funds.

FGN2014/10 SPFM amendments: October 2014

The purpose of this note is to announce recent amendments to the Scottish Public Finance Manual (SPFM). The amendments are as follows:

The sections on Acquisition of Property, Management of Assets and Disposal of Property, Plant & Equipment have been brought together into a single section Property: acquisition, disposal and management .

The guidance has been consolidated, making it more accessible. Additional information has been added to the chapter and related additional guidance. The guidance is designed to clarify and strengthen the process of disposing of public sector land and buildings.

The key principle of Value for Money is highlighted and that for surplus assets organisations should either:

  1. obtain the best possible price on the open market, or
  2. dispose of an asset at less than Market Value to deliver wider public benefits consistent with the principles of Best Value or
  3. transfer under the Guidelines for the Transfer of Property within the Scottish Public Sector.

Acquisition guidance has brought together the various requirements to be met when analysing and supporting acquisition proposals.

Minor adjustments have been made to the guidance on the qualifications and suitability of professional advisers.

Scottish Government Finance Directorate

October 2014

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