Procurement - web based and proprietary devices framework: buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for the procurement web based and proprietary devices framework.

Using the framework

Framework benefits

The benefits for public bodies using the Framework are:

  • ease of use: this award follows a comprehensive tender exercise and provides an easy route to market for contracting organisations. as a single supplier arrangement, there is no need for further competition with a compliant and easy route to market for Scottish public sector organisations
  • the Framework has secured a diverse range of products, which offers Scottish public sector organisations choice, at market leading prices. In addition, there is a range of competitively priced upgrades, accessories and services, which complement the core devices
  • the Framework will deliver significant cash savings and environmental benefits, including a reduction in carbon emissions through the inclusion of latest environmental and energy efficiency certification
  • the Framework satisfies demand for new and emerging requirements through a process of continuous improvement, throughout the life of the agreement
  • the Framework provides one central point of ordering and contract management covering warranty, insurance, and general supply enquiries
  • the Framework addresses the Scottish Government’s and Scottish public sector organisations’ aspirations with regard to ethical, social, economic, environmental and sustainability issues


  • savings: product pricing is significantly lower than current market pricing
  • fixed pricing: fixed pricing is agreed for the duration of the framework for web-based devices (Core Chromebook and Core SE Devices) and fixed discount rates are agreed for the duration of the framework for Proprietary (Core Apple and Microsoft Devices) and Non-Core Basket devices (Apple Devices, Microsoft Devices, Handsets (device only) and wearable devices, open-source tablets), providing budget certainty for public bodies
  • Product range: To provide flexibility and choice, the products are supplemented by a range of complementary devices, upgrades, downgrades, accessories and services
  • Applicability to use: The framework is available to all Scottish public sector contracting authorities, regardless of size or geographical location
  • Transactional efficiencies: The framework focusses on eProcurement, increasing transactional efficiencies for end users

Climate and sustainability

One of the key priorities for Scottish Procurement is to embed sustainability into all activities, so as part of this Framework agreement the supplier has committed to the following environmental, social and fair work benefits:

  • energy Efficiency: All products are required to meet or exceed the minimum energy efficiency standards detailed in the minimum specification, based on Energy Star. Documentation has been supplied and verified to support the Energy Star accreditation. All core devices are a minimum of EPEAT Silver and Energy Star 8.0 compliant
  • accreditations: XMA Limited are accredited to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • product lifecycle: all products are required to meet or exceed the minimum of Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold (Proprietary) or Silver (Web based) compliance, with documentation supplied by the manufacturer to support this
  • management of delivery fleet: all deliveries managed in order to minimise emissions, including the use of efficient logistics, full loads and driver training. The supplier is required to monitor and report on the fleets’ efficiency on a regular basis over the term of the framework
  • innovative packaging: to embed a focus on waste minimisation and a more circular approach, packaging specification included:       
  • provide innovative packaging options such as zero packaging, reduced packaging and sugarcane delivery bags
  • minimising waste through the principles of sustainably sourced materials as well as reduction, re-use and recycling methods, such as the use of creative packaging design and re-usable packaging such as unboxed palletised packaging
  • adherence to all EU packaging and waste regulations and ensuring that plastics used do not include halogen containing polymers
  • recycled materials, with packaging containing a minimum of 60% recycled content
  • end of life management: the framework aims to extend the products useful life while ensuring compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive) and data security requirements
  • Social and ethical responsibility: ensuring all goods supplied under the framework are produced in accordance with all International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions that have been ratified by the country of their origin, in particular, labour standards, working conditions and the use of child labour
  • workforce matters: including the empowerment and training of employees, committed to fair work practices including no forced zero-hours contracts and a commitment to paying a living wage. XMA Limited is also an accredited Real Living Wage employer

Community benefits

XMA are committed to investing in Scotland and examples of community benefits are:

  • provision of career ready internships through the framework lifecycle
  • work with the Prince’s Trust Scotland to upskill and share knowledge with Scotland’s communities
  • partnership with Ocean Conservation Trust providing e-learning and curriculum learning on the Ocean
  • sponsorship of digital festivals
  • sponsorship of Junior Football Teams to allow them, to buy kit and equipment
  • charitable donations. when XMA staff receive their length of service award a significant charitable donation is made, when this is given to staff in Scotland this will be made to a Scottish charity
  • XMA encourages their employees to take a full day to support a community project or charity of their choice
  • donations to local charities such as homelessness, to donate winter essentials

Read more about our approach to sustainable developments and community benefits.


Dawn Swan

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