Procurement - web based and proprietary devices framework: buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for the procurement web based and proprietary devices framework.

Supplementary information

As this is a single supplier framework, there is only a Direct Award route to market and no further competition is required.

In either case, the Standard Terms of Supply (Schedule 5) should be referenced when placing an order and form the basis of the contract arrangements.

Full details on buying from a framework are detailed in SPPN 5 2010 and further guidance on completing the Schedule 5 are available on the “Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network” group on the secure Knowledge Hub site.

Placing an order

Orders can be placed via the online portal or via e-mail to the XMA contacts provided. Please ensure the following details, as a minimum, are included on all Purchase Orders:

  • device make and model
  • part number
  • price
  • quantity
  • Purchase Order Number
  • full delivery address
  • framework reference: SP-22-020
  • contact details
  • date
  • any additional services required e.g. the Contractor must provide basic device / software training (if required), to assist Framework Public Bodies and device users in the deployment and use of devices / software


The preferred method for placing Orders is directly through the XMA Portal. Full training can be provided where required. The training can be carried out via a virtual classroom or in person at a customer site. Basic training typically takes 30 minutes and will enable customers to then place orders online, configure products and then check and track orders once placed.

New users should contact your Framework Account Manager to discuss your individual eCommerce requirements or you can self-register here. A Supplier Catalogue is available directly from XMA or via the “Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network” group on the secure Knowledge Hub site.

Turnaround times

Please find the delivery turnaround times below:

  • unless otherwise agreed by the Authority, maximum lead times for standard core devices will be 20 working days from receipt of a valid Purchase Order
  • non-standard configurations and additional services will each incur an additional 5 working days lead time, taking the maximum to 30 working days.

Product range

Full details of the range can be accessed from the supplier catalogues held on the “Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network” group on the secure Knowledge Hub site.

Warehousing and tailored services

XMA can offer a number of services to assist in the deployment of devices in your organisation as follows:

  • imaging
  • asset tagging
  • installation to desk
  • bonded storage
  • portal and device training
  • consultancy and enhanced training support
  • zero touch installation i.e. autopilot
  • secure sanitation of storage media
  • bespoke delivery (including non-business locations such as home delivery)
  • package removal

Please contact your Account Manager for further information.


XMA framework warranty cover

Every device offered on the framework includes a collect and return warranty managed, on behalf of framework customers with the vendors, by XMA. For Apple the additional warranty (which takes you from the standard 1 year to 4 years) can be removed – please discuss with your Account Manager.

That means if something goes wrong that the supplier can’t help you with over the phone, they will arrange to have the device collected, repaired and returned to you.

If a problem develops with any device purchased through the framework, call the XMA help desk on the number below. The supplier may ask you to perform some basic troubleshooting that could get you back up and running immediately, but you should have the following information to hand:

  • serial number of the faulty unit
  • location of the faulty unit
  • description of the fault
  • contact details

Call: 01727 201 850 Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 18.00

If you prefer to e-mail with details of the problem, use the address below:


These details should also be used to report any devices that are Dead on Arrival (DOA) i.e. they do not function as expected out of the box, within 30 days of delivery.

Full information in relation to warranty is covered in the Supplier Guide held on The Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network group in the Knowledge Hub.


Dawn Swan

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