Scottish Parliament Election - 6 May 2021: guidance for the Scottish Government, its agencies and National Devolved Public Bodies

Sets out guidance for the Scottish Government, its Agencies and National Devolved Public Bodies ahead of the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

Note 3: Relations With the UK Government

1. UK Government business will continue as normal in the run‐up to the elections to the Scottish Parliament and the Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament. However, staff working in UK Government departments will be asked to take extra care in announcing decisions which are likely to have a particular effect or impact in Scotland or Wales or which might impact on the election campaigns.

2. Officials in the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and other UK Government departments will be covered by guidance to be issued by the Cabinet Office.

3. In the run‐up to the election period, staff in the Scottish Government who work with UK Government departments should maintain dialogue with their UK counterparts and ensure that they are aware of the timing of the Scottish Parliament election in planning UK Government announcements or events. It will be important to make clear that Scottish Ministers will not be able to seek consent for Legislative Consent Motions (LCMs) from the Scottish Parliament during the election period. Advice on LCMs is available from Claire Trail or Freya Liddle in Parliament and Legislation Unit.

Further information

4. For further advice, please contact the UK Relations Team:

  • Beth Elliot
  • Hannah Chillingworth



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