Scottish Parliament Election - 6 May 2021: guidance for the Scottish Government, its agencies and National Devolved Public Bodies

Sets out guidance for the Scottish Government, its Agencies and National Devolved Public Bodies ahead of the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

Note 11: Use of Government and Other Public Sector Property

1. Neither Ministers nor any Parliamentary candidates are permitted to use Government property for electioneering purposes. You should, therefore, decline requests from candidates to visit Government buildings for campaign purposes.

2. In the case of NHS property, decisions are for the relevant NHS Board. If hospital visits are permitted they should not disrupt services and the same facilities should be offered to all candidates. In any case, election meetings must not be permitted on NHS premises.

3. Decisions on the use of other public sector and related property must be taken by those legally responsible for the premises concerned - for example, for schools, the local authority, and so on. If the Scottish Government is consulted by national devolved public bodies about the use of public sector property, the advice will be that there is no presumption against such visits but that they will be expected to treat the candidates of all parties in an evenā€handed way and to avoid any disruption to the delivery of public services.

Further information

4. For further information, please contact Cabinet Secretariat:

  • Robin Benn or
  • Duncan Beamish



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