Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 6 No 7: Collection of bycatch data for spurdog (Squalus acanthias) in the North Minch fishery: Report of Fishing Industry Science Alliance (FISA) Project 02/13

Report presenting new data on the levels of spurdog bycatch, locations of by-catch and biological information in terms of the sizes and sex of the fish caught in order to inform the debate on whether a controlled incidental by-catch (i.e. not targeted) fi


By-catch levels of spurdog in the Nephrops trawl fisheries appear to be higher in the Sea of Hebrides compared with the North Minch. During winter the majority of the spurdog caught are males in the length range 70 to 85 cm stretched length. During spring and summer smaller male fish appear in the catches. Full evaluation of the amounts of spurdog being by-caught would need reliable data from a larger number of vessels. However, based on the limited data available <30 tonnes vessel -1 year -1 for the Sea of Hebrides can be suggested. Age determination on spurdog caught in these western waters using growth marks on spines appeared unreliable and further work is required on use of age determination using vertebrae.


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